Semi-Permanent Makeup at Cocoon

Most Frequent Questions & Answers

Semi-permanent makeup is a method which involves implanting coloured pigments into the dermal layers of the skin, this creates the look of makeup.
Allergy Patch Tests-

A patch test is provided 48 hours prior the treatment.

Is it safe?

All the procedures and treatments are completely safe. The colour pigments used are made from natural minerals and are selected because of their non-toxic hypoallergenic properties.

Eyeliner can make your eyelashes appear fuller and define our eyes dramatically.

Permanent eyeliner is a great alternative for those who find eyeliner difficult to apply or for those who want eyeliner that is truly waterproof.

There are a number of different types of eyeliner styles we can provide these include; thin, standard, thick and thick latino.

Latino eyeliner is a bold black line with a flick, this will draw attention to your eyes while still looking elegant.

Eyelash enhancements involve tattooing a subtle line between eyelashes. The eye area is numbed, thin liner is then tattooed in the lash line. This enhancement creates the look of thicker, darker and completely full lashes without looking too obvious.

Prices For The Eyes


Eyebrows frame the face and define the eyes, good eyebrows with make your face appear balanced and will complete your look.

Microblading is a form of tattooing, the pigment is implanted underneath the skin with a manual handheld tool. A touch up of the treatment is recommended 4-6 weeks after the initial session. Results will last for 12-18 months generally needing a touch up every 12 months. This is because the pigment eventually fades over time although fading is desired as your skin will naturally change due to age.

Powder Brow is a technique which involves applying dots of pigment which are inserted underneath the skin. The dots gradually build up a base of colour which then defines and gives shape to the brow. The powder brow technique usually lasts longer than microblading as the pigment is inserted deeper, this ensures longevity.

Hair stroke brows- is a technique which involves a feathering method of cosmetic tattooing. This style is more natural looking compared to the powdered brow as it involves very fine lines which match the colour of your eyebrows.

Combi-brow (microblade/Shade)


A lip liner tattoo can enhance the shape of your lips and make them appear fuller. At first the lip colour will be 40-70% darker than it will be once it has healed.

Lip blush will improve the vitality and colour of the individual’s lips. Lip blush will create the look of fullness to the lips which is associated with a youthful look. After your lips have healed, you can still wear lipstick, glosses and balms.